President's Message - Summer, 2016

It has been my privilege to serve as your President over the last year and most of all I want to thank all of you for the work you have done to make the Kiwanis Club of Livingston an outstanding contributor to the Livingston community through the many worthwhile organizations that we are able to contribute to, or by providing activities like our Swim Karnival and of course our Saturday Morning at Karnival for Arc Day.

There are some people who I want to specifically acknowledge for their work this year that has helped to make all the difference in what we were able to do as a club and what I was able to do as your President. You know that a lot of our members are very good at giving advice and strong suggestions about what we should be doing – but you may not know that each Club President has special advisors they select as a go to for questions, problems and to talk through club issues. I have had a number of people who have helped me out in this arena. My husband Barrie, who convinced me that I should accept the nomination, and he was right, I enjoyed the year and hope I contributed something positive to the club.

Ole Olson who I’ve known through Kiwanis for what seems like forever – since the girls were little and Emil Jr didn’t even exist! Ole always made himself available when I needed additional input or had a question. Michael Pollack, who as secretary truly helps to keep the club in good order, has always been available to help with the bumps in the road that naturally come with the office. In addition, I had Rudy Fernandez who adds a keen sense of humor along with his sage advice, and Jerry Adelsohn who has virtually memorized our By-Laws and adds a good level of common sense to the equation. I also had Jim Whaler who set a good path for me to learn from when he was our president.

One of my primary objectives this year was to provide opportunities for our club to give hands on service. In a discussion about this Jim recalled the volunteer work he had done with his daughter a few years ago at Toni’s kitchen and that provided us with a good starting point. Linda Adelsohn then took charge and we have been able to provide manpower to help prepare and serve meals. Linda also took on the addition of providing take away meals once a month. This provides people who are so dependent on places like Toni’s kitchen with an additional meal for later in the day. The peanut butter and jelly sandwiches we have made along with fruit and vegetable snacks definitely make a big difference to those receiving them. In addition, Linda has organized our Thanksgiving boxes of food for those in need as well as donations to CHOW.

Throughout the year we make financial contributions to many groups and Craig Dufford makes sure that the money we have raised goes where it is needed. Sometimes we make donations from his budget that he doesn’t know about, but it’s all part of being a Kiwanis Club that gives back to the community. In order to have money to give away we have to raise that money and our Kiwanis Karnival is a big part of that effort. I want to thank those of you who truly spearhead that effort, Ole for the overall set up and coordination of the Karnival, Jerry for handling the games and his personal donation of his expertise in exchange for really great giveaways at Arc Day this year! Barrie Werfel and Barry Zins for their work on Sign Board which provides a strong base for our Karnival revenue, Craig Dufford for coordinating and overseeing the setup on the lot, Bob Bucich for his overall help, and Mike Pollack and his gang of renown who run the Food Booth. And of course the entire Karnival week is only possible because of the support that each of our members gives for those five days rain or shine!

This year we also had a very successful Golf Outing handled by Bob Bucich, Mike Pollack, Craig Dufford, Barrie Werfel, Linda Adelsohn and Barry Zins. We moved to Cedar Hill and had a great turn out that netted more income than usual.

I also want to thank Lance Rogers for putting together a great newsletter for us. He has also taken on the website and Facebook page and has given it all a facelift and keeps it up to date!! Bruce, thank you for providing us with interesting programs throughout the year that help us to learn more about what is going on in our community as well as learning ways to relax!

Buddy, I have to thank you for your interesting sense of humor along with your knowledge of trivia that makes being at the head of the table that much more interesting! I also appreciate the great job you did with having Charter Night at Cedar Hill Country Club and for setting up our Installation Night. Vivian Olshen and Barry Friedrich did a great job with the Youth Citizen of the Year Award and generated more interest resulting in multiple applications this year! Jim, Mike Lee and Bruce thank you for providing another great Swim Karnival for the younger kids in town. Barrie and Ken did a terrific job again with our Key Club and it’s great that we have chartered a new Builders Club at Heritage Middle School and it has already become an active addition to our Kiwanis Family.

The Bottom Line here is that I am very proud to have served as President of such a great club with an outstanding membership that is so committed to Service and giving back to our community, you have each shown how important our work is to you. I know this tradition will continue in the coming year as well. Thank you for an outstanding year.