Kiwanis Karnival

Livingston Kiwanis Karnival

2018 Schedule

May 8, 2018 6pm to 10:00pm Tuesday
May 9, 2018 6pm to 10:00pm Wednesday
May 10, 2018 6pm to 10:00pm Thursday
May 11, 2018 6pm to 11:00pm Friday
May 12, 2018 2pm to 11:00pm Saturday


2018 Karnival Poster Download


Karnival Location:

66 E. Northfield Road, Livingston, NJ
(Corner of Northfield Road and South Livingston Ave)


2018 Ticket Prices:

56 Tickets -- $50.00 (Best Value)
20 Tickets -- $25.00
1 Ticket -- $1.25

Rides require 3 to 5 tickets per person * All riders must have tickets

Carnival Games are Cash Only. Credit cards cannot be accepted


ARC Day Morning - Saturday, 11:00am to 1:00pm

ARC Day is Saturday morning May 12th from 11:00am until 1:00pm, during which time we will be closed to the public and open only to our special needs guests and their families.  This event is open to all special needs guests, and is not restricted to Livingston residents.

Hand Stamps - Saturday, 2pm to Closing

Hand Stamps are only sold on Saturday, May 12th starting at 2 pm.  Pay one price and ride all day!

(No checks or credit cards can be accepted)